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Majed Salih - SemitOne (OSC169 - kHs One - Project file & Presets)

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Hello all !

This is my 2nd participation in OSC! To be honest, i had a lot of fun working on this one using (and exploring at the same time) kHs ONE synth by Kilohearts.

This is my submission

You can use any sound from my presets in your future tracks.

All sounds were created using only kHs ONE by Kilohearts from scratch. No samples are used.

Khs Reverb is used on some channels. The rest of DSPs / effects are Absolutely Native (Renoise).

You have the right to use any sound/preset in your future submissions, tracks or anything else. They are FREE.

*Kilohearts and KVR can include my presets pack \ and-or my bank in their download packs without my permission.

keeping the full name of the pack

*This track will be released on my label (MEDIEVIL-MUSIC)

Majed Salih 2023© KL

License: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

Download the project file & presets here :

This track was made in Renoise DAW

For non Renoise users: please download the Renoise DAW from the official site :

Run the DAW in demo mode (or just purchase this Masterpiece!), and open my project file [b]Majed Salih - SemitOne (OSC169 - kHs One).xrns[/b]

*You will need kHs One and Khs reverb installed on your PC. They are Free on


Drums & Stuff : 24 Instances

FX : 11 instances

Synth : 21 instances

Total : 56

Master channel line : HPF > Gainer > Mixer EQ > Bus Compressor > Gainer > HPF > Exciter > EQ10 > LPF> Maximizer. (Renoise native)

Effects used on send channels : Khs Reverb


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You will get a zip file with kHs One presets by Majed Salih and a Renoise .xrns project file of the track itself.

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Majed Salih - SemitOne (OSC169 - kHs One - Project file & Presets)

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